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Mother’s day idea…….

As promised…..here is another Mother’s day gift idea that I love! Right now I am totally obsessed with linen cocktail napkins.  I was going to say cocktail napkins in general.  But, that wouldn’t be correct.  I am on a collecting … Continue reading

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Tradition that you will so steal AND

tackiest photo ever posted on my site (other than some fashion travesty caused by Katie Holmes or Miranda Lambert.) I have an aunt that is just a whole lot of hot mess goin’ on. She is opinionated, a hand full, … Continue reading

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I would like to apologize for a gift we’ve given in the past…….

Also, I need to state for the record that we were not trying to make any type of statement or bad joke when we have in fact have given a white elf to a friend that is black….or a black … Continue reading

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